Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-03-05 18:18:13 (UTC)


those Anti war protesters really annoy me. They're not
protesting against the war--they're just being rebellious
for the sake of rebelling. I can't believe that they go to
universities, you'd expect them to be smart. "A lot of
Iraqui people will be killed if we attack" Yeah, and
there'll be a lot off allied casualties if they attack us.
Anyways, there won't be *that* many if we're using
precision guided missiles. And they go on about the poor
Iraquies not wanting war--well we don't WANT war either,
it's just come to that.

This really pisses me off. We won't get bombed anyway! Just
bloody terrorised by islamic fundamentalists. The only way
to get rid of the threat is to ban Islam, or...internment.
Any Islam travelling to Uk should be quarantined for 4 (to
get rid off all their nasty diseases and their stink!!
*punkes*) months before being let loose with a maximum stay
for 48 hours.

Or...they could just be lined up agains the wall and shot.
My prefered option.

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