William Wong

who knows
2003-03-05 16:58:07 (UTC)

Sis Drama

so happy to see my little sister on the stage, though not
a really main role...haha, i guess it's going to be a nice
memory for her. She is even better than me! I was on the
stage for the first time when i was in f.4! (i still
remember i was the director of a street drama in f.2, and
that was played in the volleyball court! haha...so
cheap ... and the plot was a modified version of Snow
White and the Seven Dwarfs!!! The worst thing: I was one
of them as well!) You know Dad and Grandma don't really
like you taking part in so many extra-curricular
activities, but I'm always on your side!

not sure why...but as time goes by, i've attached more and
more importance to my family... maybe it's the same for
all people stepping away from adolescence? or maybe becoz
i've been thinking more and more about the future... and
my family is certainly at the top priority... No people
are more reliable and trustworthy than one's famliy, for
the inherent bond is sth even God can't change... sounds
stupid , doesn't it? lol! It's time to think of my
responsibility to the family...

Well...one of the evils in the world is fabrication. It is
a chronic disease, and is marked by a deterioration of one
fundamental human quality -- credibility.