The void
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2003-03-05 14:11:36 (UTC)


brrrrrr it's cold. anyways i been looking at a self harm
site. that has tons of real graphic pictures on it. i will
not advertise the address on here but if anyone reads this
and wants the addy mail me at [email protected] but i'm
warning you it may trigger some self harmers and the
pictures are not very pleasant at all.
well college was boring boring boring i only had one lesson
and i neraly fell asleep during that!
i don't know if frankie and bennys will happen on saturday!
no one seems to be able to go! and we haven't booked. skyes
b day celebration gone out the window then. saw
tom. ::drule::
got Drs appointment later. gonna get them to put me on the
one second...need hot chocolate.
there back.Got Drs later or did i already say that? i don't
give a shite if i have. ohhh ohhh i messaged a really
gorgeous girl on faceparty.and she replied! yayness!she's
really lovely.
soooo...i'm getting boring now.
*evil stare* ta ta!