Sweet Nitemares
2003-03-05 13:19:47 (UTC)

La Blah...

Well so I have done the wondering around trying to found
out who I am bit... though finding out quickly, you
shouldn't have to search for yourself it ended. I have my
own path and that is what I am following.
Now as for my future... I have a vague idea but nothing
solid. Many ask that question. "What are you going to do
after high school?"
I want to reply, who the fuck knows?, but instead I give
them something like a captioner or psychologist, something
I am mildly into.
The thing is the people who ask seem like they are acting.
They really dont' want to know, they just feel it is what
they need to ask. It almost makes me sick and I just wish
they would leave me the fuck alone sometimes. I am quite
tired of having to try and justfy my future to a bunch of
strangers who really don't care.
Personally If you don't have a good thing to give as advice
don't ask cause I don't want to answer your questions.
Of course when I just give up and say I don't know what I
want to do for my life they feel it is their time to try
and figure it out for me.
I think in my head about how thier lives are going and then
wonder if they are not doing so hot with their lives...why
would the even try to fix some one elses...are they
delusioned to their own reality?...Probably many are...
Ya know maybe I have no aim because I just don't care...,
but I feel I care, I know I want to do something, but as I
have said before...there are things i like to do , but
nothing i would love enough to do as my life...


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