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today is the greatest day
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2003-03-05 13:19:03 (UTC)

Wednesdays, the evening, this mess we're in

I went hardcore at uni today. 9 hours of stuff.. i left for
there at 8:30am and got home just now (at 11:00pm) lots of
work... very draining, yet very stimulating and very cool
at the same time. hooray! Hmmm I wonder if I hadn't ever
broken up with Gab that I would even enjoy uni as much as I
am... in a way i spose it's great for distracting me..
taking my mind of the pain of it... yeah that's prolly
true... that's not to say that I wouldn't like it if I was
with her though... sigh...

"I miss you", you go through your day feeling how strong
you are, knowing that you can find your way through the
world even with your blinded heart, until those three
little words come into your world again to wreak havok upon
your sense of hope. You find that with hope comes
dissapointment, you know that without any hopes for a love
that you can't be squashed once again. You love her still
but what can you do. All you can do is miss her too. She
cannot be with you.

I have a mean bastard of headache... goodnight.

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