Remember to Breathe
2003-03-05 05:46:20 (UTC)

The Second Episode

You know how you should be really happy for someone, but
instead you just get way too jealous? My friend Kyra was
in the same shitty mood as I was tonight...more guys, more
problems. So she checks her voicemail and lo and behold,
she gets a date for Friday night. I know I should be
glad, she's a good girl. I just hate the fact that I have
a feeling I deserve similar things. I've just been so
disappointed lately, in general. So I sit here feeling
sorry for myself and listening to sad songs. What else is
there to do? Homework? Nah....can't concentrate. I'm just
so tired of being guys' friends. I'm the one that they
come to to get advice on girls that they like. I just
can't do that anymore. I want to be wanted for more than
my opinion. I don't want to be one of the guys, I want to
have one of the guys. I feel like I should end these
entries with some lyrics, as is my habit.

"See, the truth is, you could slit my throat, and with my
one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your
-Taking Back Sunday-
"You're So Last Summer"