apfel diary
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2003-03-05 04:35:30 (UTC)

i met a guy from the internet...

i met a guy from the internet. we always talk on the
phone.sometimes we talked till next day morning.so
but we havent met each other in real yet.he is working in
china.but he is going back to hk on 15th.shall i meet him?i
really dont know.Also, bonnie's friend trouble her alot.
cos he always ask her give him my phone numnber.and he
wanna go out with me. well, i will go out with him and
bonnie this sunday. of cos i wont hanging out with him
alone. hehe.. hm...im afraid he would date me after
meeting.hm..i just treat him as my friend.if i went out
with him,it didnt mean anything,rite?lol