The crazy world of me
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2003-03-05 03:55:39 (UTC)

people are nuts

Some people are just crazy. I don't understand a lot of
them and I probably never will. So there is this lady I
work witha dn she is like one of the nicest people you will
ever meet and people treat her like crapand she puts up
with it and she shouldn't. one of these days i am going to
end up going off on some of them people. thats just not
right but oh well. Tonight they had me working in
electronics which was really cool because i never have
before but i had to do that and ten other things too all by
myself and i had no clue what i was doing but i figured it
all out so it wasn't to bad. I don't know a damn thing
about that department but I wouldn't mind working there
because you do more than just one thing all day. Anyway.
So this mourning I threw Ricky all his stuff. I am
finished with that kid. I am tired of dealing with his
crap. The funny thing is I asked him what it would be like
to wake up one day and nobody was there anymore and now it
is kind of like that for him. Nobody wants him like that
not after they found out what a lying piece of shit he is.
He didn't lie to me but he lied to all of them. For some
reason he always told me what was up. Anyway. So I put
some closure to that. Not saying I don't have feelings for
him because I would be lying to say that. I will probably
always have feelings for the kid because he was my frist
and all that. I don't know. I am going to go though
because I am tired. Bye all!

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