Lost and Searching
2003-03-05 03:09:48 (UTC)

Some People Get It All Wrong

LOL, someone replied to my last entry, that i don't want to
die but i just want attention and friends...all i got to
say for that is that it would be a sad sick way to get a
friend is to pretend your dying.....and pity friends are
something i want to do without...Yes there are days that i
am tired of feeling like one should go through
life like this, and i realize that many have already with
no intervention from drugs or pain killers.....why do i
keep myself from going over the edge and finally putting
myself out of the misery...

well duh, my disease is not a commnon illness, and every
experiment drug and test that they can try out on me, might
mean a cure for someone else...

would it be selfish of me to want to end my life, i think
not but then it is my see also if i end my life
now that means i have given up hope that there is a slight
chance for me to live and to live a normal life....and life
without hope sounds about as dim as the dimwits in this

so screw you people who think i am doing this for
attention...its my journal, my thoughts, ups and downs, and
my life