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2003-03-05 02:43:44 (UTC)

frustration....?..never heard of it.

I've noticed that a lot more people are writing the way
they talk..litterally. But isnt that the way youre supposed
to do it? I mean come on..your teacher told you its spelled
the way it how come we dont right sentences
exactly the way they sound? IF I WANNA RITE HOW IT
a about thth those who sssstudder.?? wouldnt that be funny.
All i know is it gets annoying. people who write that like
that..its like they cant spend the extra second to type in
those letters. I can understand if you have one fucking
arm...but come on.Another thing that bothers me is when
people dont have a pen for class...Its like...why did you
even come to school...youre supposed to have one. I can
understand if you lost one..but if your walking around in
the hallway asking every person if you can borrow their got issues.
I hate it when people come up from behind me and start
poking at my back..yes.....ITS FRESH. and fuck off. If you wanna see it..ask. Everyone says
that I am crazy for getting such a big tattoo. But actually
I thought it was quite small...I know it hurt like a knife
ripping through my skin..but..its pretty small..and Im
diggin it.By the time Im back will probably have 5
more. I plan on evening it out so Im gonna get another
little one on my left shoulder blade. I wouldnt be
surprised if that will be there by the time I get my next
Someone promised me that they would be there when I went
yesterday..but it didnt happen..I had to sit in that chair
and bear the pain alone. I almost lost it..I almost passed
out. But the guy was nice...with the exception of all that
pain. I was a little bit chilly sitting in that
chair with no shirt on..just staring at the wall listening
to the rolling stones. I almost screamed a couple
times..but I clenched my jaw and my hands and took it. Its
not eternal pain..but its definately pain. I dont know why
I would go back for more..its like self mutalation..but its
not..someone else is doing it to you. .. .. . and I like
it. I feel like it is releasing pain and pressure from my
life. I seem to relax more and more with every needle. But
if i do this to body will be covered.
. . . . . just maybe...ill turn into a will be
all your fault.

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