Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-03-05 02:19:29 (UTC)


Well Today was another bad day! It seems that everyday has
been getting worse and worse ever since me and eric stopped
talkin! yea i know that sounds wierd, b/c i dont think i
started to like him like i told everyone i did but there
was something about him that just made me smile all the
time! :( and now its all gone! like at first it didnt
bother me our fight and all but now........ it bugs me! im
always soo sad at school now, i know how stupid right i
never really met the guy and i probably never will b/c when
i go to see my cousins in like 2 weeks i refuse to see him,
i dont want him to laugh at me! And im soo confused about
me and david! i told him i loved him but now everyone is
poppin back into my life! Ronny, Jeff, hell whos next Ricky
and Mister! i hope not!! but it just was one of the worst
days ever and i know tomorrow wont be better, history
repeating on and on! I love that song! So me and meg
planned a bowling trip for all the girls well now everyone
wants to bring there boyfriends or the guys thy like! and i
know whats gonna happen someones gonna start flirting with
someone's crush then the one persons gonna get pissed and
all that good stuff! and most likely it will be me that is
the flirty one since thats all i ever do! and i feel so bad
i lead guys on and then i just find a way for them not to
like me! I swear i'll be lonley all my life!

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