2003-03-05 02:00:09 (UTC)

Sexist + Rascist = Parents

Today, after school, subway, and French club, I had a
doctors appointment since I had a seizure saturday.
It did all go well except for the fact where my mom stated:
Do her prescriprtion cause her temper tantrums. We got to
talking about it. She told me something very interesting.
She said that the more I talk to her, the more I start
listing things that I hate about her, and she is starting
to think that I hate most everything about her.

Thinking about it, it is practically true. I hate the way
she treats me. I hate , well, that's too long a list to
list. The conclusion came to be, I hate her. Mainly because
of everything she doesn't let me do. Why does she not let
me do these things? -too far (which is never really further
then where the brothers go.)
-wrong nationality. (Which has nothing
to do with anything anyway.)
-time: until it gets dark or 10 tops.
(Winter darkness comes @ 5 not fair)
-No clubbing

Now let's see, I'm fucking eighteen. I can't do jack shit
just because I'm a fucking girl.

There's too much to write on this subject and most of it I
have already stated before. Maybe another time. Now I wanna
take a shower. I feel dizzy again, it's hard to breathe
normally cause of the anger, and I am oh so very adjitated.
Especially cause of the injustice. I can't wait till

I really feel (Gosh forbid me actually admitting it:) I am
better then my brothers. I don't smoke, I don't drink. I
don't hang with a bad crowd. I will graduate high school
without going to a retard level class. I'll graduate with
an honors class. I can't wait until I move out. Damn I'm so
dizzy. This anger is agitating me. I can't type straight.
My chem teacher gave alot of homework besides that I don't
have much to do.