sheesh ya fuck
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2003-03-05 01:04:49 (UTC)

the vulnerability of spring

ive lost my way
crossing hearts
and hope to die
i am lonely and crying
tired of waiting
the signals are shrieking louder
i just have to run untill the disease is far behind me
i guess ive misunderstood evreything anyone has ever said
i came and went to see the same fucking pricks
and you all make me sick.
this process is winding up too much repetition driving me
drop the cards and run untill you fall into fate
fatality number 6 and your ruining your new dress
swimming in lucid dreams back to normality
i will slip through there grips veigns pleading to leave
babe, the scabs are undone
hold me in the moment
drown me in heavens water
i cant hold on. it hurts.

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