My Everyday Thoughts
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2003-03-05 00:18:50 (UTC)

I think I need to say goodbye, and mean it.

March 4, 2003

Sometimes I truely believe that I will always want certain
people in my life no matter what they have put me through,
or done to me, or how they have treated me. There is just
something about them and about who I am around them that
makes me forget their flaws and shortcomings and mistakes
they have made. My arms are opened wide to let them come
back into my life to probably just to disrupt it yet
again. I wipe the tears away when they leave yet again,
and I pray for thier lives to be happy, and smile when
they decide to come back. I need to be the one who says
when they can be around and when they can affect me. I
shouldn't give them all the power. I think I really need
to say goodbye to Phil and mean it. I need to walk away
while I still have the strenght and the balls to do before
I give him that chance. Everyone says how wonderful he is,
but if I don't get that wonderful part of him, what is the
point of putting myself through that..? goodbye phil.