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2003-03-05 00:03:16 (UTC)

Well Hello There

Sometimes I wonder how much good a diary actually does me,
but when I was faced with closing my diary at FOD(due to an
ass of a friend) I realized just how important it really
was. So, here I am; trying this place out.

A little about me, for the benefit of anyone who may read
this thing. I am 24 years old and was married last fall.
I live with my husband and our two cats; the three loves of
my life. Oh yeah, my father in law lives there too, but
that's another story. I work full time for a large
corporation, doing your average corporate thing, and go to
school part time, in the evening with the hopes of getting
a degree.

That's me in a nutshell.

I really hate the whole explaining who you are sort of
speal, but I suppose it has to be done when you're not
writing only for your own benefit.

I've learned very recently that you can not share your
diary with a real life friend; it just does not work out.
I had a falling out with a friend who told me she no longer
read my diary....my fault for being naive, right? Anyway,
allthough she didn't use it to threaten me or anything, or
try and broadcast it, I don't feel comfortable with her
having access to my life when she's actively not in it.

We wrote horrible letters back and forth, excrutiatingly
long, big worded, 'I'm so mature' letters and I for one
feel it was a great wast of time. This girl is an idiot
and wants nothing that doesn't benefit her. She wants me
to be her boyfriend, not her friend. I don't have time for
such shenanigans.

I do have time for my husband though, and my brother who is
21. They are by far the most important people in the world
to me. There's also my best friend from growing up, and
her husband who I love like family. I'm fairly close with
my family, even though they tend to bug the shit out of
me. I have a second brother who is 13 that I don't have a
whole lot in common with, but I'm sure that will change as
he gets older.

I have the best set of friends I could ever ask for in my E-
Group. These ladies range in age from 24(me) to 40 and I
swear there is so much sisterhood and love between all of
us. I love each and every one of them so much. These
ladies are my rocks; my sunshine through the rain.

Really, there's not a whole lot else to me. I'm a
simpleton who enjoys going to the gym, a good book and a
lazy Sunday. Who doesn't right?

Anyhoo, that's it for today. Thanks for being here Dear
Diary. I'm sure we'll have lots more to talk about soon.