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2003-03-04 22:30:20 (UTC)

a walk by the river

[music - the postal service - mood - half exasperated, half

this evening (punk)anna came over after school and we made
they were one of our least successful baking experiments,
but still
kind of good. baking has now taken over our lives! during
bio flo
and i made plans to open a little store called 'cakes &
bakes by flo &
em' - this after we've both had mental breakdowns due to
university :)

anyway, we had to go see the tempest tonight. i already
hate that play
with a passion but this exacerbated my feelings of detest
so during
the interval anna, chlo, lu i left for a wander down to
south bank.
due to chlo's fear of public spaces lol she and luce left
really quickly,
but anna and i stayed for ages.

it strikes me repeatedly that she is one of the best
friends i could
ever, ever wish for, and i can't believe that after this
summer we won't
really get the chance to properly spend time together much
for at least
3 years. but it's great that we are as close now as we were
2 years ago.
she edd are like my parents lol. she's just one of those
friends who
makes you feel like you don't need any other friends...
such a truly
special person.

the only thing that tainted tonight was that everything we
were talking
about reminded me of 2 years ago. hanging out on the beach
by festival
pier, the skateboarders there, and most of all talking all
night and
watching the sun come up. i wanted billy so much that it
hurt. not
as a boyfriend or anything; i just wanted his presence. i
don't know
how to stop thinking about him. it's crazy.

the whole group is great - edd, yoda, toby, etc - but i
don't really
feel so much like they're my friends. well edd is but not
others. jeez, i want to have the old lot though. if i was
granted one wish
right now that's what it would be.

anyway, south bank was beautiful as always. we
wrote 'punkanna lelimy
rule' in the sand :) we stood on hungerford bridge for ages
watched the rivers and the buses. sometimes i love london.
but mostly,
*this city is driving me out of my mind*


remember the 1st time i told you "i love you"?

it was raining hard and you never heard
you sneezed, and i had to say it over.

i said "i love you, i said".
you didn't say a word.

just held your hands to my shining eyes
and i watched as the rain ran through your fingers.
you smiled as you kissed me.

"if you die" you said "so do i" you said.
"and it starts the day you cross that line. tell me i'm
forever yours,

and you're forever mine."


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