mad world
2003-03-04 20:08:50 (UTC)

standing in the back lookig around

the tears are filling up there glasses. hide my head i want
to drown my sorrow. no tomorrow. its a very mad world.

today has sucked.
i took off work and went to wallmart to get my cell hooked
up. after taking like 2 hours to get my phone on i went
back the apt. im supposed to do somethig with robyn today.
but for some reason i get the feeling we wont. maybe its
just me. i really want to see her today, but for somereason
i dont think its gonna happen.
in other news. its been really stressful with the band
kyle dosent seem to get how we work as a band, and he is
alwyas dissing on us and people i tht band. we dont work
like that. its like a family you have to be able to work
together as one person. otehrwise your going nowhere fast.
but all in all i know we ca make it. with or without kyle.
i love him, he is def one of my best friends but hes hard
to deal with in a band.

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