I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-03-04 19:32:30 (UTC)


Today has pretty good so far. Yup. I got 108% on my math
test (I soooo rule slope/intercept form!) and that brings
up my grade in that class. Secondly, my teacher is letting
me turn in old homework that was supposed to be turned in
when I had the Norwalk virus, so that's more good news. I
have today off, so that's good news numero tres, and
lastly, yet certainly not least there are 10 days until I
leave for CA! How much better can a day be?

There was the downside of today in that my keyboard
decided to conk out on me, so I had to go steal my
brother's. But at least I have one that works now. So I'm

I really need to do my taxes. I don't wanna. That'd mean
I'd have to go find my W-2 forms.

OH! I remember what I wanted to talk about! I went to get
my birth control prescription filled today and spent $30
on the damn thing! So I have a proposal; people are going
to have sex no matter what. Why don't we lower the cost of
birth control so that it's affordable for everyone and
that way we can help ease overpopulation! My thought for
the day.

I'm in a weird mood today. I had a conversation with Chris
last night and was falling asleep and told him all sorts
of random stuff that I was dreaming. I hope he didn't
believe it cause I don't remember what I was saying and
when I get like that I make things up. It's very strange.



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