My Life As...
2003-03-04 18:44:48 (UTC)

A Student...

today sucked. well first off, i went to spanish, and my i
didn't bring my book beacuse i didn't really want to and
besides i didn't have a book..well i dont know where it is
anywyas. its probably at home somewhere. i dont care. but i
was borrowing my friends book, james..and yea he was bein
nice about it. and so i was using his book, and doin my
work, like i'm supposed to. aight? OKAY. well then my
teacher buts in and is like, well WHERE is your book
casandra? la la la, you should bring your book, dont you
think i should call your parents..or is it okay, if i call
your mom, blah bla blah, i was like whatever lady do what
you want i dont really care what you do as long as it
doesnt get me off track, cuz im doing my work. and so shes
stunned i actually talked back, because i 'never ever ever'
talk back (she thinks)..and so she calls my dad, and shes
like your daughter is so rude, and hostile. blah blah blah
i just smiled, and shes like WELL WELL WELL your father
would like to have a word with you. so i got up and went to
talk to him, and hes like cass, are you dion your work, im
like yeah. hes like okay, give me back the phone. so he
gets back on the phone with her, and hes' like. Well, is
she doin her work? and the teacher is like YES but shes
preventing james from doing his blah blah WHICH IS SO
UNACCEPTABLE..hes like okay bye. and he hangs up on here.
hahahha. oh gosh. but it sticll sucked because then i had
to put up with her for the next hour or so. i guess it all
worked out she gave me alot more work than everyone else.
okay..the next bad thing..was speech, well speech was good,
then lunch which..i just dont wana talk about it. then
science. my dam teacher..aight these boys were messin with
my purse, and i had like 30 bucks in there, and this lil
crackhead boy brian slenker stold like 20 bucks so i told
mr taylor, after i asked him repeatedly to give me my money
back, the boys kinda thought it was funny..yea yea yea
after like 30 minutes it gets old. so i was like tell him
to give me my money back. and he goes, "Shut up, i'm busy"
he didnt do anything. he thinks he's the shit cuz he lies
so much. he makes himself to be think bouncer at some wild
club downtown, then says he teaches mad classes at the
college...and then he says hes doin some "Crystallization
Processing" shit, for NASA. hahah hes so dumb. ya wanna
hear one of the stories hestold us? Hes like: "Well i was
walking through to mall, and these two HUGE black dudes
approach me and there like.come with us out into the
parking lot, so hesitantly i walk out there..blah blah( he
is a pretty big dude..but not against TWO HUGE BLACK DUDES)
and the two men start hustlin for his money..n stuff, so
hes like "well you should seen the look on there faces when
i pulled out my gun and shoved it in the mouth of one of
the guys" ha-ha-ha. Liar. then he told us how he got beat
up by this 4'11 foot woman. last night. bull. he's so
stupid, and he proceeds to give us all 90's for the last
test..because he said he mexican maid, accidently threw out
all his papers..including his Nasa reccomendation sheets,
and tax papers, and WOW our tests. complusive liar. it's
pathetic. and he gets the ignorant students to actually
believe that hes a REAL scientist. haha...Pathetic.
and now im in 4th period, too bored to do anything but
write in this journal. as usual..well im gonna start on my
poetry project. bye. :( xo cassie