Broken Sky 2- The Diary of Mark
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2003-03-04 18:18:15 (UTC)

The Beginning

Well my name is mark, if you read daves dieary then you
heard about me alread, im 15 and i go to RHS also. Its
just a little school out in the middle of nowhere where
all the city boys and farmers go to school togeather. Its
a nice place, poor, but a nice place. I am single unlike
dave, who at the moment has a g/f. And just for the
record i really dont like colleen, i just act in ways that
i do. And dave you know this! And i also want you to
know that me and like 200 other people got your back
whenever you need us too! Anyways enough about him. I
have a few friends that id like to mention:
Colleen of course
thats all of them for now. Oh and one more thing me and
megan got this thing goin on about her current b/f. Hes
like 15 i think either 15 or 14 and he had a little g/f
that was like 11, 12. Yeah he wont admit to going out
with her or even knowing her. But he knows her VERY, VERY
well! I hope things between me and megan get better.
Well your all probably tired of reading this so this is
all for now!

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