The void
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2003-03-04 16:42:24 (UTC)

i got GROPED

I got GROPED my a bunch of black dudes at college! i went
to walk down the stairs and there was about 6 of them at
the top. i couldn't get past so i sed "excuse me" and went
to walk past. one of the guys grabbed my arms and one
behind me grabbed my shoulders (u thought i was gonna say
ARSE didn't u? hahaha!) anyway he looked me right in the
face and went " iz
buff for a goth!" (meaning fit for a goth) i was shitting
myself by this point! i shurgged them off and pushed past
them all they were yelling " no no wait u iz buff u iz buff
stay and talk to us!" hahahaha!! i just legged it!
ahhhh dear, sooo, today was shitty and BORING oohh dun dun
dun dun-dun-dun-dun sorry KoRn album makes me go away with
the faries! hehehe!
still with the 'bandana look' everyone keeps saying how
much it suits me. i'm not too sure myself. oh well anything
to get someone gorgeous to notice me :( i'm so PATHETIC!
special boy (Alexis) had dyed his hair a special colour!it
looks nice!
i'm making arrangements to go and see 'the ring' with steff
and sam on saturday. finally get to meet this 'sam' she's
seeing. wonder what he's like.hmmm...
iv'e changed my AOL profile in the hope that Dave sees it.
it now says " ALl ThOsE PpL ThAt SeD ThEy WuD b ThErE WeN i
NeEdEd ThEm,AnD WeRn'T, F U C K YoU." it's not just for
Daves sake it's also for a few people that thought they
could pick me up and use me for their own benefit when it
suited them. i will not let anyone use me as a doormat faceparty profile has changed too all of my
REAL friends are included on there. (well the ones offline
anyway)i don't know what i'd do without people to cheer me
David batt has been lurking around college. the fucking
wanker. why don't he just DIE? i HATE him for calling me
all those names and naming me a 'psycho'if i had a nice big
shotgun i'd shoot him and take great pleasure in it.
it turns out that hot bisexual girl is seeing sumone from
my philosophy class. shame...she was cute :(
Tom's driving me mad.i really like him pity i don't talk to
him much, wudn't mind a bit of him.hehehe.
i text mike earlier(mike from college and starbucks) and
said "freeeeee teeeexxxtttt:p" and the cunt txt back and
went "old number u dumbass" so i thought...FINE sod off
then. what is it with rude people lately?!
arrangemtns to make...

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