The Diary of Me
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2003-03-04 16:04:24 (UTC)

What are friends really???...

Well, what are friends???I dunno, its confuzzling,
and...ppl say friends are ppl that are always there for you
and listen and care all the time and never let you down
etc. But absolutely no one in my life is like that...i
dont even think there is anyone on this planet that cares
that much...hmmmmm...well anyway, last nite i did watch 24
and x files wit Splodge...Krissie hasn't called for me
again, i like havin the time to write in my diary when
she's not there the same time...i dunno...i wanna
say hi and its fun and stuff wen shes here but...i dunno,
the only time i get on my own 2 rite in my diary is after
skool...too confuzzlin...forget it...

Well, today sucked...this is buggin me..its 2 hard to rite
down exactly wat imnthinkin in my hed bc its 2 confuzzling
so...anyway....I LOVE GAZ!!! I found out ruth at my skool
goes fast and she fancies him AND she has a bf! Hmmm,
Angela sed evry1 fancies him...i gess i really havent got a
chance wit him...even if he dus get 2 no me, hell end up
findin me really annoying...wen i luk at his pics i
think...hmmmmm, i haven't got a chance...but i still luv
him...even if i havem't....bc....i can still dream
No one reads my diary...which is a good think...but its a
live diary...and ppl still dont read it...which IS
good....but bad too bc then ppl cant like...giv me advice
and sucks! O well...i dunno y but yestaday i
got all...cryey and, stuff dunno...i feel like dat
sumimes...really down and i cant figure out y...thats
probably a reason y i get all angry at myself and
weird...well...i was really sensitive today....WOW ( on my
starsign it sed i was gonna b sensitive this week WOW! loli
gess they do make sum sense...) well, and sum1 sed ur not
wanted here go away now and it was a joke but i kinda got
upset so i walked off and tere wa other stuff do, like
claire was being pretty off wit me so i got upset bout dat
2...o well...shit happens...well, i think im gonna go and
find sumet 2 do...i cant b arsed wit hw i dont see the
point in it. i go 2 skool for 5 days in a week outta 7 and
then i get given hw!!! So the only work im gonna do is in
skool! I ain't wastin the only time i hav oof skool doin
homewrk! well, plz sum1 rite 2 me if uv got any advice, lol

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