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2003-03-04 15:51:15 (UTC)

My Online Diary

My first time to have an online diary...a good channel to put down
what I think ... getting more fond of writing instead of speaking...

dinner with Tak tonite... It's so refreshing to talk to her
everytime...happy to know that she finally got her way out of the
prolonged struggle...u know, tak, I always think u are a girl who
deserves more than what u got from him! And an even more exciting
news is that u got the master offer from London U! I know u are
going to be a successful person, and sometimes I do take you as an
example! So just go ahead, let's hang out in the UK next year! ALL

3rd fight for inter-fac volleyball...haha...what a shame that I
played so badly today... lucky enough the effort of my teammates
could offset my poor performance... credits to you all! Branda is a
good sports cap... I still remember last year I was almost the PIC
of the event... and there were not enough players... but we still
managed to get the 2nd runner-up... this year we got a responsible
sports cap... everything is well prepared... water... pad...
banner...and even audience! and we have a wonderful setter Alfred!
GOOD JOB Brenda and Alfred! Just a pity that we couldn't get into
the final... but anyway i enjoyed the match a lot, esp. the 1st one.
It's been a long time that i've ever played such a tough and
exciting game! I could feel myself 'coming back' at that time!
hahaa... but the energy's gone soon ... sigh...really getting old!
Not sure whether I would still play next year, but anyway I must be
there again in PCLL! So much to say when it comes to volleyball...
many memories from it...

sigh... really sorry to see you in such a situation... not sure what
i can help... I'll try my best, but dun be fed up!