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2003-03-04 15:06:38 (UTC)

Baldassare Castiglione

BAH! Right now I'm in Social Studies looking up some
author from the Italian Rennaisance named Baldassare
Castiglione...has anybody even HEARD of this guy, outside
of teachers and those weirdos who wrote the textbook? Meah.

Right now my friend N is looking up Saturnian
heaven...whatever that means.

Lent is starting tomorrow...**snicker**. My mom told me to
give something up. So I'm giving up beer, cigarrettes and
brussel sprouts. As you can see, I'm not exactly the
epitome of religious.

Band is next. Wahoo, that's always fun. I wish I actually
knew bassoon by now, but Mr. X still needs to free up
after school sectional time (and I'm not making up Mr. X,
that really is one of his nicknames...haaaa :-D)

I want to surprise my boyfriend today after school. He has
a bass (guitar) lesson that ends at 4 and I want to give
him a surprise visit at George's Music, which is where his
lessons are. All I need now is permission and a ride from
mom. I wish I had my license. Unfortunately, I am
only...15! weeee.

Yeah. I guess that's all.


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