Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-03-04 14:37:06 (UTC)

hey hey

played golf today and only lost to the boss by 5 shots had
a great day should have won but no had to go anf uck it
all up on the last two holes

work was shit as norm busy right at the end

oh well weekend is gunna be boring no money so beer from
the fridge it is still drinking left overs oh well

ok i am putting up a reward if anyone can tell me where i
can find that chick i was with last weekend i would like
to see her again she was good lookin i think i was a
little drunk as you may have read

i need a holiday i think just a week so i can relax and
clean my flat its horribly crowded probably a little worse
next week with fest here for his trial days at the
electricians he should get the job then we will look for a
house together flats a little to small

oh well sleep is needed early start at work i will talk to