Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-04 14:06:13 (UTC)

spelling mistakes, Bjork, and the feminist movement

Haha, I thought my title name for yesterday was really
romanticle, except I made a spelling mistake. haha! Just
for the record, 'borken' in my language means 'broken' in
the everyday english tounge. (If I had emoticons mine would
be winking right now). I did a lot of study today. It feels
good though, to be educating myself in this independant
wasy... its really fun for some reason. I just love it! Man
i rage about that quite often don't I. I keep getting told
that I'm a nerd. But I tell myself that all the time as
well. I am a nerd, not cos I like uni though, but becasue
I'm obsessive about anything that I like. and I like doofy
things. like Movies and music, but also Video Games and
porn (not really porn haha.. porn is doge). Almost
everything that I like, I love. And anything that I
just "like" I usually can't be overly-bothered with, cos
there are too many of those things. Some people might say
i'm nerdy, some people might say I'm passionate... The
truth is I'm both. But in reality I'm quite social and have
a lot of friends.. that isn't in the spirit of the nerd now
is it? Gab said tonight that I was a cool nerd... I would
like to agree with that. hurrah! Man my creative writing
stuff looks daughting.. it's not the assessment stuff cos
that looks pretty easy.. it's just the readin I have to
do.. pretty soon I'm gonna have to be reading so much..
there's one week where I have to red two novels... don't
get me wrong I love to read.. but I love it when it's
selective and paced.. not given to you and rushed. THat
kind of readin just.. well.. you can't relax and do it at
the same time. hmmmmmm. I'm listening to Bjork -
Amphibian... man this is one very cool song.. gives me
shivers. oooooooh. yeah! Bjork is beautiful. a lot of her
music is quite beautiful.. i really should get Vespertine
or that other album that she released in 1994.. sigh...
there are so many CD's I want though.. and not enough money
(sad face goes here) This Amphibian song I first heard in
the credits of Being John Malkovich (cool movie) and yeah..
to put it plainly once again.. it's very cool. I'm feeling
quite intellectual at the moment.. i spose it's all the
study i've been doing. Bjork reminds me of feminism.. cos
she's so very strong as like this female figure... actually
now that i think about it Bjork as a figure is quite iconic
as a female... she's really very girly. I love her
girlyness.. it shows power and grace. I hate feminism
though.. I think it's the weekest of the 'ism's'.. it's so
damned weak. I wrote this maninfesto once on Australian
art.. and part of it had to do with how much I hate
feminsim.. I wanna go over it right now and put some stuff
from it in here...........here it is.. well.. let me
summarise.... the feminist movement in itself is extremely
weak and self-indulgent by the basis that it’s existence
does not have any particular greater good that it wishes to
achieve for the human race, it simply wishes to have
power... feminism is weak... People should have a greater
concern for that of the human race than for what they have
for a single sex.. true.. initially feminsm was a very
important movement, but the truth of it is now we pretty
much do have equality between the sexes... There is
difference between them... they will never be the same
becasue they are not the same.. but you can not put that
for a reason. There are simple truths that separate men
from women... in western cultures of today however, women
do have equal footing with men.. but still some feminists
rave on... for example.. if Hillary Clinton was to have run
for president last election.. millions of feminist women
would have voted for her simply because of the fact that
she is a woman. That is where a lot of feminsm draws its
weakness because a person should not be voted into power
because of their sex... that is not reason to qualify a
person to power... whowever is best deserves to win.. not
becasue they have a penis or a vagina (giggles) but because
they are the person for the job. The contemporary feminist
movement isn't searching for a greater good.. they are just
trying to gain power, which in itself is evil and wrong...
and yeah that pisses me off... I could write a lot more..
but another time, another place I reckon.. Right now I'm
off to bed.. bye the way I had a nice day today... Hooray!

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