Randi Lynn

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2003-03-04 11:21:53 (UTC)

I had that dream last night..

I had that dream last night that rabid cats were after me.
But this time i was at my fathers...when the rabid cats came
and i was all alone. Then i had some dream about everyone
trying to kill me or something, and I was very lonely
without a friend to talk to. Maybe Ive got a fear of being
lonely or something although i usually am. My dreams the
night before last somewhat showed that. Like, strangly, I
was at a dance talking to -someone- and I had to stop,
because Kristi or Tina stole my attention, but then i
immdiatly turned around to continue talking to -someone-,
and I started saying something, But someone else had his
attention. So I waited...but he never turned back to talk to
me. Until I went up to go sit beside Kari and Dan, and Tanya
and them, which at the exact moment i got up to go over
there and sit, -someone- and someone else said "lets go sit
over there", so when they saw me sitting there with them,
they cracked up. Like they thought I was following them
around or something... - 6:26 PM

I would like to add..I usually know when Im not wanted, and I dont
follow people around when they dont fell wanted....unless im trying to
annoy them. - 6:28 PM

So i decided to tell Kristi, after much harrassment, what was said
between Dan and I on the calculator, not that it was that big of a
deal, but she ended up chaseing me...at a walk...up the hall, then
back down it, so she could hit me a second time, which she never got
a chance to, because I mentioned a comment dan had said on the
calculator, which sent her turning bright red and banging her head on
the locker. But of course she managed to come to her senses and Hit
me after she finished. She had got Kristy, her friend, also angered
at me for witholding information, which happened to be what was said
on the calculator, because I somehow mentioned that we were talking
about her; and she took it to heart. For some reason I cant take her
seriously, actully i cant take anyone seriously unless their im-gonna-
kick-the-shit-out-of-you look looks threatening, where as
Kristis...her face was just red, and she was biting her lower lip,
clenching her fist calmly at her sides. See Im used to my mother, who
gets all red, and starts foaming. Actully, she drools or something,
or maybe I think that from a memory of her drunk and pissed. So I
dont think any angered person can remain calm. As for me, I dont
express anger...much, I just tend to clench my fist and my teeth -
hard. But usually i only get that angry around my mother.
We did that dunim technique in Physcial Management again, or should i
say the dance, and then learned the song. But Robyn and Megan still
sit out from the fun because they're...lazy. But I stay active the
whole time, because I very much enjoy it. Its fun, even if i do look
like an idiot. Anyway, Im going to, probably in vain, ask me mom if
we can just go home, because my leg as been bothering me since that
class, and because im not feeling that well, and because im exhusted.
Oh, one last thing I must note; I decided NOT to straighten my hair
out this morning, and it has a krinked look about it, although I
didnt style it because I didnt feel like it. Oh, i finished the
hobbit, and now im reading "The Fellowship of the Ring". Ta-ta for
now.. - 2:43 PM