2003-03-04 07:55:51 (UTC)

im in love

well, needless to say, this has been a feeling ive had for
going on three years. his name is rex. a great guy.
essentric and mystyrious. all him and all wonderful. i
met him in febuary 2000. a weird note that it all got
started on. anyways, it was hard not to fall in love with
him. he was the neatest person i had ever met. it lasted
until that may. i was devestated. he was five years older
than me and everyone made a big deal about it. now im
older and things will work. i feel it. i wrote him a
letter about a month ago and sent it to him. he liked it.
and last monday he came over. and..... im so happy.
things are finally coming together and i hope everybody can
be as happy as i am one day.

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