ramblings of this hopeless romantic
2003-03-04 04:27:35 (UTC)


i met my prom date--adam reichental. omg he's great. we
went to dinner last night. maggie signed out w/ me so that
technically i wasn't breaking any rules...hehe...he took
me to this great restaurant that neither of us can
remember the name of but we had a good time nonetheless.
afterwards he took me to his house. lol i was sooooo
scared bcuz..i don't know i was just scared. i met his mom
and she seems really nice. then he showed me his room. omg
his room must be at least 3 of our dorm rooms. he's sooo
sweet.......i really like him a lot. he's 5'6" so
he's not terribly taller than me. i don't think he
believed me when i told him that i'm 4'11" so i took off
my shoes and he had to look down at me. it was cute :) i
got the warm feeling in my i can drift
to sleep...

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