mad world
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2003-03-04 04:03:44 (UTC)

i want to stay stuck in your embrace

ok well i just got back from practice ad it was ok, im
really tired.i have a few things on my mind.
one- i really think i like robyn alot.
2- should i be scared of that?
well i would like to say no, but according to past
realtionships yes. but i dont want to compare her to my
past realtionships. so to say im ot scared would be a
lie.but at the same time i really trust her. she has givin
me no reason not to trust her. and shes differnt than most
of the girls i talk to. she seems to get life and things
that matter. i really like her. ad i hope thigs work out
for the best.
ok im gonna go now
later all