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2003-03-04 03:41:17 (UTC)

2-27-03(resubmitted... accidently erased it)

alright so for once i get the house to myself, very rarely
does this occur. u would think i'm home alone a lot seeing
i live in my own house and only having someone stay for me
for a bit. well that's not the case, nick is always here
and if he's not a friend usually stops by to visit me, not
tonight tho. i thought i'd be able to spend some alone
time with my baby but of course the day i have the hosue
to myself he has a party to go to. o well it's not like i
won't be thinking about him. it's strange ever since we
started talking my mind was filled with thoughts of him,
and this is b4 we were even a couple. i don't think it's a
bad thing either, thoughts of him always put a smile on my
face and make me happier. i don't plan on ever losing him.
he keeps me healthy,lol, he's kinda like my daily supply
of vitamins cuz me being in a good mood keeps me
energized. when i think of him i just want to call up his
parents and thank them for him and tell them they should
be so proud of themselves for raising such a wonderful
person. he knows i think he is the sweetest, most caring,
lovable man i ever met and that i love everything about
him inside and out. his hair- just makes me wanna run my
fingers through it, his ears- makes me wanna run my finger
over the tip of them sending chills down his spine, his
eyes- ooo so mesmerizing, they alone could spark the fire
inside me, his lips- makes me just want to kiss him over
and over again and the words that come out of that mouth r
the sweetest and just perfect for the moment, all the lil
things he does is adorable too. the way his eyes get all
watery when i give him a bunch of compliments, the lil
things he says to make sure i know how he feels, he's just
perfect inside my eyes. normally if things get really
serious between me and a guy i back away, if i ever got a
dream where the guy and i we're getting married i would
break off the relationship but not with my Damian. the
wedding dreams don't scare me with him, they only make me
look forward to the day the dreams will come true. Damian
if ur reading this, ur really something special, don't
forget it. Song of the entry: "Your Love Is Life To Me" by