My Everyday Thoughts
2003-03-04 02:58:21 (UTC)

Mondays can bring revolations

March 3, 2003

I hate Mondays. There is just something about a Sunday
night that makes me want to vomit. Knowing that my alarm
clock with go off at exactly the time I am in mid-dream
and spoil it, yet again to start a new week of dreading
days. Mondays are new beginnings, new promises, new
activities to look forward to or hope never comes. I
thought alot today because today was slow. I haven't grown
that much I think. I believe I am still the same person
who falls for the same lines from a guy instead of seeing
them for what they are. I am still the same girl who puts
their complete trust in strangers and wears my heart on my
sleeve regardless of past experience. What have the past
few years brought me? I still am the nieve girl I once
was, but why? I would hope that the pain that I have put
myself through I would learn something.. but what was it
all for if I continue to keep doing it...