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2003-03-04 02:24:55 (UTC)

hellorific weekend

Friday- Half day of school, Lynn,Tiff,Bryan,And I hit up
ole CS for some grub. Another reason why I love having Lynn
and Bryan with me.. is the neverending humor. So.. We were
walking across to Sbarros.. when the front mall doors open
and in come like 4 men in wheelchairs. Tiff: " Look.. ITS A
GANG!" I almost died laughing, I feel bad cuz Its not
funny.. but it was. So we see our friend AMber and so I
pull an extra chair from another table next to us that was
empty. COme to find out she couldnt eat with us.. so I went
to put the chair back at the table next to us.. the table
was now occupied by one of the men in a wheelchair..I
looked at bryan and said, "Well I WAS gonna put the seat
back, but it looks like he's already got a seat". I didnt
mean to laugh.. I swear I didnt, but Bryan was laughing
really hard. then he called me an ass for being so
mean-which wasnt my objective at all but Oh well.Later on.. we were
all sitting and Bryan was at the
end of the table.. well damn if all the wheelchair guys
decided to sit together.. Poor guy in a wheelchair.. he had
to sit sideways at the table cuz bryan wouldnt move. We
were all laughing so hard.. cuz I looked over and realized
that the guy was sitting sideways.. and I cracked a joke at
Bryan for being an ass. We are all asses. they dared me to
stuff this whole great big blob of ziti in my mouth.. and I
did.. and it so happened that this mentally handicapped
black woman in a wheelchair was barking.. as this other
woman was pushing her.. so I was choking on my ziti cuz
everyone was laughing.. Then Bryan said " Hell if I were
handicapped I would put A sign on me saying ITS OK TO LAUGH
AT ME.. cuz I wouldnt mind I would find it funny too" He
was being so serious, and we all laughed harder. Then
Thanks to Lynette she shared an interesting detail about an
old man sitting behind me... YEAH LYNETTE>> NASTY MINDER!
we went home.. got ready for Jillians. WOre my glasses.. I
hate them.. I feel so self-conscious- but everyone claims
to like them better, they say I look older. We got to
Jillians- No BSing like last time. I reserved a pool table
for after dinner, we all sat down and ate for about an hour
or so.. had fun talking to other peeps there and joking
around.. and scaring the waitress ~Jamaaican accent~" Run
Jeramiah". Played some serious pool against Bryan,who is
really good.. I WON .. I KICKED ASS!!.. Won the bet. Walked
outside and danced with eachother- got a piggy back ride
from Bryan! witnessed the worst act ever! Two drunk black
people.. woman giving her man head on a bench out in the
open- his friends saw him getting it on and decided to
scare him.. so they run past him pointing and were
like "OHH WHATS THAT!!.." The guy is totally pissed.. he
waits a sec to let it all calm down.. then runs after them.
they were like "Oh shit hes gonna kick our ass" The guy is
running after them- then trips up the stairs.. LOL Then
gave up and went back to his woman.. and I presume picked
up where they left off. We are laughing our asses off..
adrenaline was pumpin, it was fun. Got home.. went to sleep
and I had sweet dreams ;)
SAturday- Circus, I felt childish for wanting to go.. but I
was curious b/c I hadnt been in so long.. and what else was
there to do around here? Greg is the absolute best
procrastinator ever! I cant even compare. We had to stand
in the WORST LINE EVER for tickets!!! and listen to the
Hampton Colliseum recording over, and over, and over.So we
were standing there talking and I was talking about Friday
night at Jillians.. I was like, "yeah remember the story I
told you" He said, "what about the mexicans?" I said, " No
THE BLACK PEOPLE!!" - Mind you we were surrounded by like
75% black people..One woman even turned to look at me.. I
got so embarrassed I turned like 4 shades of red and I hid
behind Greg. Poor Greg.. LOL jeebus.. I really didnt mean
to say it that way.. Oh well, It was sooo funny- our time
together is so classic.. never boring. we tried to get
better seeats by sitting in any seat we wanted.. didnt work
the first time- after intermission we got middle seats..
damn people walked by as I was trying to take a snapshot of
the tigers all standing in a row.. and it was their last
trick!! GRRR. Greg and I wanted plastic swords- damn things
costed $12!!! Only interesting thing in circus was the Dirt
Bikes in the little caged globe.. not 1,2,3,4,5.. but 6 IN
A LITTLE GLOBE>. It kicked ass.. I think greg almost ripped
a hole in the leg of my pants by grabbing on when he was
watching the 6th guy on the dirtbike.It was great!- we got
out and realized we didnt keep track of where we parked the
car.. so in the freezing cold we started the search.. I
found it!.. didnt do us anygood b/c we waited like an hour
to get out of the mass traffic at colliseum. went back to
his house.. played Tekken 4- I lost more than I won..went
and rented City of Angels- BEST MOVIE EVER FOR ROMANCE! We
watched it at my house.. it was really sweet.I dont think I
wanted Greg to go home after the movie- Its times like that
when you just wanna hold on to the one you love for a lot
longer.. I didnt wanna go to sleep without him to hold in
my arms.. but he had to go home-this day was perfect in all
imperfection- anytime with Greg is soo much fun, I couldnt
have found anyone more perfect to fit my personality.
Sunday- Lounge day- Greg came over to play Stratego.. I
lost miserably ( Until next time nemesis) chilled till
church. After church we went to scoops to grab some Ice-
cream. PLayed Chess- I lost first game.. stalemated 2nd
game ( You know i could have won.. I had two rooks and my
king) went home and said night. All in all this weekend was
great- always are.. thanks to the cast..
Today- School- need I say more? Went and filled out
application for Topeka's. I still want that Suncoast job..
but am still skeptical. ANYONE WHO DOESNT WATCH THE NEW
funny- "There is NO North Dakota!".

Ok well maybe to you all this stuff wasnt funny, or a least
bit interesting.. but hey you would have had to been there
while it was going on to appreciate it!- Until my next