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2003-03-04 01:47:38 (UTC)

3- Three , 2000 and Three

How can life seem so complicated at times when you think that
everything should be just fine in life? Well acctually I dont think
that i can answer that question. B/c i know the answer. The question
that i really need to be answered is how can you like someone so much
that you never get to talk to anymore. I mean this person fills my
mind constantly. You wouldn't believe it if you were in my mind
thinking what i am thinking. I just wish that i could honestly tell
him how i feel. Have you ever heard that song called Complicated my
carolyn dawn johnson? well the song isn't so great but the words
explain my situation quite well. But last time i was with him he
liked me back, but i just dont know if he likes me as much as i want
him to. Enough for this to go somewhere. ITS SO INCREDIBLY
CONFUSING. I Don't know how I should feel about this. I know how i do
feel, but how should i feel? Wow i make no sense at all do i? It
would sound so much more clearer if you could read my mind. but you
can't or i hope you can't anyway. Well maybe if you could, my
problems would be so much easier. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!