my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-04 01:17:36 (UTC)

punk rock princess

talking to jay.... be in exausted. i couldent fall asleep
last night. so i was up till like 1 tosing and turning.
then i didnt wanna get up this morrning., gerrr then i got
to school....i didnt do hardly anything in art all day
long. first block i ruined my pic cuz i colored the
background yellow. what the fuck was i thinking? then in
photography i walked around and took pics and talked to
matt. lunch was fun talked to kenny and checha. ceramice
blew i didnt do any thing mr .kulman told me i look like a
hooker. and about 50 other ppl said something bout my
outfit. fucking hate everyone. then i had to go to fucking
film and fiction and ughh she is a douche bag i hate her.
she screamed at me and teryn all period. will was looking
up my skirt and i felt violated. ughh gross!!!! and then
maria and me went to walmart the mall priceless kids and
tanning. i got home around 7 then go in the shower and
then ate dinner. ugghh i have to go and do homw work.
later im out
listing to:something corperate