My ONly desire
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2003-03-03 22:50:39 (UTC)

Ahh life of fun

Dear Megan,
OMG! Not dating for a year. maybe i should do that!
lol. it might be like uhmm really awekward for me but hey
not a bad idea. maybe i should just like make friends
witha guy and be his friend for a whole year. that could
work! lol. but im not shur
Anyways!!! FCAT is this week! omg not way! lol. i
dont like testing i always get like a weird feeling and i
cant exactly concentrate on wut i am doing!! im never good
at tests my average is C's. not too good. lol. oh well
hopefully i'll be good this year. i mean me and tiffany
are gonna be in the same class together and omg that's
gonna be funny we're like gonna fall out of our chairs and
stuff. its gonna be fun!
Im so happy for some reason today. maybe its
because i notice that my friends do care about me. weather
or not its just one two or three people. they still care.
and it makes a different. today mr keck my geography
teacher found a scuicide note! he didnt read it to the
class he never does he had it up in the office already
but, everyone was looking at me and my friend shauna. it
was like omg wut did we do. we didnt do ne thing but i
sometimes write depressing songs. so u know or poems. im
not gonna put ne i write on here though
Tomarrow is tiffanys bday! she's gonna be 13 lol! i
wont be 13 alone in our little group i'll have someone to
be 13 with me. im so happy. tomarrow i want to make it a
really good day for her. just cause she's like my best
friend and all! tomarrow im gonna go to her house and u
know just chil with her! :) im so glad. lol
Hmm wut else is new. oh today i said fucked in
front of a teacher he goes "wut did u say young lady!" and
i go "uhmm mesed" and he goes "we're gonna go call your
mommy and see what she thinks" i was like "ok she's not
home and she doesnt have a cell phone number" so he goes
ok we'll call later and i go "ok" he forgoet. lol i
thought it was funny though!
Me and Jt don really talk ne more. and i dont kno
wut to think. oh this guy joseph really hates this joke me
and kitty are playing. see me and kitty are PRETENDING to
be going "out" but really we're not. it was a joke between
me kitty Jt and Cody. and we dont even swing that way! but
joseph thinks its realy gross. its so funny!
This chick came up to me and grabbed my
ass...repeat CHICK! i was like omg gross gross gross and
i started to freak out it was so gross! Micheal wont give
me and tiffany the cigerates, he says that he would feel
guilty. im like ok whatever. today Micheal and Jr tried to
get me in the boys bathroom, but they decided not to get
me in troulbe. man u know how small i am and they are like
tall and big...not fat big but big. lol. so i was like
helpless. it was funny! lol
ok well not much else to say. i got to go bye bye
Like always much love

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