REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-03-03 22:36:07 (UTC)

e-mail hack

grr someones hackiong into my e-mail. They got my password
some how or something. They keep going into my account and
writing e-mails to people i know cursing them off and
sayin crap. So i just wanna let yall know that its not me
aright? im tellin you before hand. If you get one then
tell me. If you now how to get rid of it or block this
hack then tell me i really need to know!. youll be helping
me out alot. Its really annoying cause i dont want anyone
to think that i want them to "die in there sleep" or "kill
themselves" please! dont pay attention to that crap!

ok well today in school was ok. I went to the batting
cages the other day! im sooooo soar! i hope i make the
softball team im on like a huge like training modE! im
practicing ym swings and my cathing and throwing and stuff
every weekend im going ot the cages to practice! i gotta
go eat dinner! sorry i havent been writing in this alot.
The gepas are commin up and im really nervouse, plus ive
been mad busy!
-mad love reeda...HOLLA