2003-03-03 22:28:08 (UTC)

what a sunday

Wow I had a great Sunday yesterday. Church was good and i
had fun there but nothing compared to the time i had
afterwards. The only way it could've been better was if my
baby was there. Altho I did get a phone call from him,
surprised me in a REALLY good way. well here's my day for
u... I woke up early to the sound of the alarm clock going
off, tossed and turned for a bit but finally gave up and
hopped in the shower. I got dressed and decided to walk to
church, bad decision halfway there it started to pour.
Thank God I left early cuz then I had time to dry off.
anyway i sat through both services which were completely
awesome. Some friends and I decided to hang out
afterwards. So Michele, Kevin, Billy, and I all went out
to eat at China Star which is about 5 minutes from my
church, so we ate and decided that we'd start heading over
to Lisa's. She asked us over while in church and we told
her we would most likely come so anyway... on the way
there we get a call from Lindsay and we decided to pick
her up and bring her too. So we all went to Lisa's house
and hung out with her, her husband, and Shane. Shane is a
kool guy a lot of fun to hang out with but i would never
consider anything more with him than friendship. I love my
baby to death and i would never hurt him nor do I like
shane in that way. but we were all hanging out and talking
and acting as if we were lil kids again. After a while the
group i went with wanted to go out so i left with them and
we went to the mall, i searched the whole mall for
something i really needed to get and there was none left.
i went to all the electronic stores and they were all out.
so we ended up going to see a movie- "Daredevil" it was an
ok movie but i didn't like it too much. i think it was too
much like Spiderman mixed in with Matrix and Tomb Raider.
I think they could've also put a better actor in there for
the part. I mean I like ben affleck but he's not much of
an action hero actor. They should've put someone in there
like Jean Claude Van Dam or someone like that. ben affleck
is more like chick flicks and comedy. Well anyway after
the movie we stopped in a book store and looked around.
Michele went home after that but Kevin, Billy, Lindsay and
I all went to Lindsay's house. She still lives at home
with her parents' which just happen to be the Pastor and
his wife. They're awesome ppl. We went in the basement and
played pool for awhile we were there until about 1 in the
morning and I had to get going so i had the guys take me
home since i had work today, nothing to brag about
happened at work so i won't talk about it. well i got home
slip into something more comfy and went to bed. and that
was the end of my night. Song of the entry:"Live Out Loud"-
Steven Curtis Chapman
I'm not usually the type to cry but for once i can't help but
cry right now. what's the worst part about it??? i always thought my
baby would be there to talk to about it but right now he is nowhere
to be found. he probably passed out somewhere which normally
wouldn't bother me but i really need him right now. i'd write about
whats going on except i know the whole world can read this. i
probably won't even tell him what's wrong now, i'm sure he'll ask
but since he's not around right now i don't think i'll tell when he
is. i got to go i can barely even see the keys or what i'm typing.