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2003-03-03 21:26:03 (UTC)

Fortunately Under the Radar

Well. Today and been quite a day. So stressful, and
nothing happened to me! Let me explain....

I got to work this morning, and opened the store
(perfectly I might add) and got to work. Then one of my
cashiers called in to tell me about some huge family
problem and was in tears and could barely talk to me. So I
don't know what's up with her, but I hope she's ok. I was
worried about her, and then next thing I know Erin shows
up bawling and so upset that she can't breathe. I finally
get it out of her that she got laid off today. Ouch. I
felt so badly for her. That made me worry about her as

I managed to calm her down enough so she could drive home
and promised that I'd be over as soon as I could. I
finished what I had to do, and left. I told my manager
that I was done and that I had to go. She was kinda iffy
about it, but I didn't care. I left.

Erin is one of the strongest people that I know. By the
time I got to see her again (I took her to lunch) she was
making jokes and was actually glad that it was over. She
hadn't realized how much she hated her job until she
didn't have it anymore. Granted, it still sucks that she's
unemployed. But she has such a good outlook on it. And
she'll find a new one. I told her that I needed another
part time cashier, so we'll see.

I hope that I could be that optomistic. It's just odd that
I'm the one who seems to be flying just under the radar
and gotten a promotion while others are out of work.

Our economy sucks.