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2003-03-03 20:50:41 (UTC)

stay the same

listening to joey mcintyre....one of the best cds to put in
when you wanna sing at the top of your lungs cause you know
all the words! besides mouling rouge, of course!

so "stay the same" is a cool song. kinda sappy... you
know "and i hope you always stay the same, cause there's
nothing bout you i would change..." but i like it! good
stuff. so next is lonestar. another good one for singing.

more interim grades. B in spanish, but thats not really
accurate cause she didnt add our presentation grades in,
and when she does i'll probably have an A. B in math...i'm
improving...whoo-hoo! and B in english, although on my
grade sheet i only had an 86, but hey, im not complaining.

ok well i cant concentrate on writing coherently right now
cause im trying to remember the words to this song...later!

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