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2003-03-03 20:39:02 (UTC)

Hmm...Back from Florida... :(

Well, Hmm...I got back from Florida last Wednesday. I
cryed the night before I left and the whole way home and
when I got home! I so did not wanna leave. But, I guess
it's alright..Ill be goin back in April or May, whenever I
finish school. Damn, I wish I didn't have to finish school
and I could of stayed tho..
So anyways, I went to court last Thursday, and my public
defender told me I have to go to a diversion class and be
good for 12 months and my case will be dropped. But I
don't wanna stay in Ohio for that long...I hope I don't
have to. But they will be sendin me something in the mail
Yeah so I am talking to this boy named Ryan. He's cool..
but my freind Bryan told me he was bad news and that he is
a player... I don't know what to do now.... I am kinda mad
at Ryan anyways, cause I tried callin him like 4 times
today and he hasn't answered OR returned my calls! Damn
boys drive me crazy!
My buddy Jason came and saw me today...he said he missed
me when I was in Florida. He's mad that I have a
boyfriend, he said I'm cheatin on him! HA! All I want is a
man that I can make happy....
Well, I am going to look for a job today, I spent all
morning callin places.....I mean I called everywhere!! A
few places are hiring and I'm gonna go fill out
applications later... Cause I NEED A JOB BADLY!! I got a
lot of dues to pay before I move and I also need money to
Well thats all I gotta say for today...ciao~