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2003-03-03 19:58:16 (UTC)

Forgot About Berto

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I got involved in the new cris system at work. Its yet
another example of how everything is so disorganised. The
system goes live next week for real. 4 Pcs have to be in the
arts center for training on wednesday along with one at each
site by wednesday too. So Les wanted me to label the PCs
with some ID numbers, which revealed that the PCs werent set
up at all for the network. So I started on that. Nobody had
thought about hostnames, IP addresses, user log ons, email
etc etc. Nobody had thought about remote admin. So I was
trying to get decisions about it from jackie and from
Richard and was getting no where. So I made up my own mind.
Richard was too busy having sex with Andy over logging into
the Cris system (turns out he was typing the password
wrong..fucking retard) and could only say "ohh we need to
sit down and decide on the structure for the CRIS system and
stuff before we do it." Richard...I said...Its Monday at
3:30pm...there about 1 hour 45 minutes till close of play.
I'm in college all day tommorrow then its wednesday and its
too late....we need to decide things now.

In fact....decisions like this should have been made MONTHS
ago. Its basic project management. Jesus, patrick moore
attends more meetings than anyone could ever imagine. What
the fuck do they talk about in these meetings. They should
have it EXACTLY planned out. The time scale...dates when
things will happen...what problems there are...what problems
there aren't...who will do what. Flow flow
diagrams..contingency plans. Do we have anything like that?
No. Now we have a rushed job that'll have loads of flaws in.
The system will go live with problems all over it, users
will be frustrated and pass on their anger to the support
department. The public will get crap service and pass on
their anger to customer services. Yet all of it can be
avoided by proper management of the project. By organising
months in advance training dates and installation dates.
Organising which PCs are going where, who will log in as
what. Only when your plan is all written down and organised
(with more than one person know the ropes in case of
sickness etc) do you start to implement it. Its what we
learn at college on tuesdays. Yet management at our place
dont have a clue about that. Its fire fighting at its worst
and its pathetic and un-nessecary.
So I'm making up my own mind of these issues such as user
log in policies. I'm a fucking trainee (allegidly) and I'm
deciding on these things. Why? Because if I didn't they
wouldnt have been done by wednesday and then everyone would
have said "Ohh...I thought Rob was doing that."
But heres the rub. Heres the ultimate piss me off. Heres my
little bet...
Gary will be taking over set ups a bit tommorrow after I've
come in at lunch time to show him what to do with the cris
client..I'm willing to bet either he..or someone else
slightly down the line finds something wrong. IE: "What was
the point in setting up users like this"..."Your not
supposed to be putting people in user groups on the network."
None of them wanted to make a decision today, to talk to me
about it seriously on such things because none of them...not
even Jackie had a clue really what was the best solution or
what was needed. Why? Because there was no planning stage
taken for this project. They wanted me to decide
later on when it A) doesnt work...or B) they feel like
putting me down because I'm ONLY 21... they can just moan
and slag and have a go. I bet... tommorrow Gary says
something like "why did you do this...would it not be better
to do this..." For example...with users not being able to
have email if they're all logged on as the same'll
be "Did you ask Sue if thats what she wanted?" Well
No..."why not?" because A there wasnt time and B thats not
my fucking job..thats supposed to be the analysis stage of
the project where users are asked what they want. Instead
we've just said "this will be good for them.." They're a
bunch on morons...and I'm now very angry and very tired and
cant write fuck you.