girl, interrupted
2003-03-03 19:17:48 (UTC)

little charlie

ok, i have to write this quickly because i have to rush
off to dinner soon, but i've just received your letter and
i'm desperate to get in touch with you. i get back on the
14th so i could probably ring you on the 15th?? if that's
listen, there's not much i can say that will sound
different or helpful (even that sounds trite) but i just
want to tell you how that letter made me feel. All these
memories came rushing back - of school, from being in
first year to progressing to sixth form. I remembered
quite vividly your house and staying overnight there when
i was about twelve. i think we were supposed to be
revising but we ended up talking about hamsters and how we
would most like to decorate our rooms!
and then i think of everything else, not in seperate
chunks, but just as a vast, vast space, almost like a
large garden, where, if you look around, there are lots of
individual flowers and creatures and things to look at,
but when you see it all at once, you just get an overall
impression. and i suppose that's what i'm seeing now,
thinking about you, about your friends, about us, about
life. The times you weren't in school and i wondered
where you were. The times we got on, the times we didn't.
It all becomes one big impression.
i hope we never lose touch, and i truly mean that, i would
never say it if i didn't mean it. i'm sending you good
luck vibes right now! i'm excited for you, i'm scared...
all these moments are so important, yet life still carries
on as normal. Well, for a time at least, my life won't
carry on as normal, because i'll be thinking of you.

i wish i could hug you so much right now. i hope
Australia's amazing for you!

all my love
charlie xxx

woo, feeling all emotional now! half of the above doesn't
make any sense to either of us i'm sure, but hopefully one
day it will.