The Diary of Me
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2003-03-03 16:20:16 (UTC)

Argh crapness

Wow, hi, Krissie dint call for me today, mayb she's red my
diary and angry at me? Maybe i've "dun" sumet? I dunno, i
always seem to screw stuff up, so i shud b used 2 stuff
like this happenin...i gess i am. Wow, i really fancy Gaz,
how can you fancy sum1 uv met 1nc and haven't really tlked
2 properly?! Well, i int got a chance wit him, i mn he went
out wit Amy and dumped her, and she's so pretty and has
such a nice personality...i haven't got a chance, AND
Jennie fancies him AND im gonna c if she can cum on fri AND
im kinda helpin her there, by givin her a chance wit
him...well.i mite as well giv up now cuz i ain't got the
chance, wow,i havenm't even tried yet...but wots the
point...i h8 the word chance bc i keep writing it...Well,
its kinda really easy 2 write in this diary than my
other "happy" diary bc i hav soooo much more stuff to b
depressed dan happy about...well, angela's just cum online
so im gonna tlk and write...i dont no why, but i kinda feel
bad bout...dunno, i wont go into it, its too confusin for
any1 ele but me 2 understand, thats y i keep loads of stuf
2 myself cuz only i can understand...
So, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you all laugh at me because im
different, but i laugh at you bc your all the same...ruth
told me that...she goes fast 2 apparently and she fancies, ill c her on fri prob and i can sayy hello...i
feel paranoid that bc this is a live journal, sum bitch or
dick is gonna cum along and read it and know me and take
the piss out of me r sumet, like my life isn't bad
enuff...but thats me being paranoid cuz stuff like that
usually happens 2, i like these....the
dots....they're fun....Jamie's sound, well wot i no of him
he, i still dont get y krissie
is sooo down bc se has had miles more bfs than i hav, and i
dont undeerstand y she moans wen she dunt hav a bf, that
makes me moan, and then she gets 1, and i dont, and then
she dumps em or sumet and starts moanin agen and so do i
then she gets a bf agen...i dont...and it goes on like
that...all the while me not gettin no bf or anything... dus suck...this is my ideal life:

Not to be popular and townieish or out, but hav loads of
m8s like krissie dus and stuff like that.
Erm, be pretty but not stuck up about it.
Not to be shy and hav no confidence all the time.
Not care what ppl think all the time and be paranoid but do
what I want...

Well, if i didnt care wot ppl thought i mite b alot more
annoying than i alredy am (i no that im annoyin, bc
krissie, dominie, katie, jennie, leah and hannah hav all
sed that sumwhere or 1nce) Well, i
llloooooooovvvvvveeeeeee Gaz, hes
just..............ppppuurrrrrrrrrfect. Lol, now ill get 2
no him properly and h8 him, but....i dunno...i dont exactly
think id ver not like him....but im usually rong
so.....well, i cud rite on and on and on and on and on and
on and on and me i cud...but then....i bye.

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