girl, interrupted
2003-03-03 14:14:46 (UTC)

everything is so upside down..

everything is so upside down and i am really losing it
again, i don't know why, apparently stress leads to maybe i'm stressed, or maybe i'm just
fucking crazy.

i can't think straight, i can't concentrate or focus on
anything, i'm having the most crazy fucked up dreams, if
i'm still like this tomorrow it's gonna be another "sick"
phone call to work, with some other excuse...they wouldn't
understand the truth, no one fucking understands the
truth, i am apparently fine because i smile so goddamn
much, yeh that's right, a smile on the surface means
everything is just so goddamn fine. i appear such a happy
person, so how dare i ever say i feel different? of
course, how dare i have feelings? i keep forgetting. my

i have to be there now i want kahlie i can't hack it here
any longer i just have to get out LET ME OUT PLEASE LET ME