Benji Scum
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2003-03-03 12:10:49 (UTC)

Bored so bored i've resorted to picking the dead skin off
my face,Queery is just about to start yay!i love GC! fuck i
have musical practise tomorrow.fuck me dead,my legs hurt,im
bored,i ramble too sick of hearing the Fred and
Britney boring.shes a wh0re who cares everyone
knows Freddy boy.ok im gonna go watch Queer as Folk now,god
bless that show,and my baby Benjeh,Choo and i have now
resorted to calling people by their name but with 'eh' on
the end,and our new insult "go swallow some of Benjeh Scum"
everyone is too stupid to realise what we are actually
saying.Repeat after me..I AM LAME.eeww this big lump of
dead skin just came off my forehead,yucky.Oh well i must be
off,for a couple of days even,then i will have more
news...yay how exciting :|