Randi Lynn

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2003-03-03 11:22:31 (UTC)

Well since i beat Super Mario..

Well since i beat Super Mario RPG,i downloaded Secret of
Mana, and Super Mario World, both in which ive already
beaten, but Secret of Mana is the best game ever, and Super
Mario world is...fun. - 6:27 AM

Oh my god its so cold outside my head is hurting extremly bad. it
feeels like a buncha needles sticking you at once. Not deeply;
just a prick. but my head WONT STOP HURTING. and my legs
are still cold. 'cuz i had to walk over from the school, but its not
that far anyway. Well, i slept wounderfully last night, and i dremt
most of the night, well i usually do, but i rarely remember thenm.
I rememberd 2 when i woke up this morning, now i only
rememberr one, but that one was my favorite anyway. My Ex, My
Ex's Ex, and a few of their friends are all here, sitting on the
couch waiting for a compter. Not that i actualy care. Kristi said im
evil, because I think its funny to tell her shes blushign when
shes not so shell blush more, I think is funny. Mind shes the only
person i do it to. her and dan are a funny bunch. or maybe i just
think that. Kristi's awfully nosey. I wrote to her "Kristi is an oscar
myer weener" on my graphing calc, just for fun, and she wrote
back "Dan has a mini oscar myer" (i got wide eyed and gave her
a shocked look), then I wrote to dan "Kristi is saying 'bad' things
about you!" he wrote back "What did she say? if you dont tell me
ill get mad" kristi kept making a grab for the calculator. Then she
wrote to me on hers "Is he mad at me?" I wrote back "no". Then i
wrote to dan about the mini oscarr myer thing, and he wrote
back. "Well kristi has never seen mine so she wouldnt know,
and its not" I wrote (kristi is pouting now because we wont let her
see what we're writing) "I never said it was, and she was joking"
(kristi stole my calculator when i had gotten to "she",. and ave me
this look) Dan wrote back "Well im sure kristi would like to see it.
ou would to" (or somethign close to that) I wrote "Oh yes, dan.
Everyone wants to. Dont you know? Semi-sarcasm." he replied
"Tell the truth." I sid, instead of writing "oh, but that is the
truth!". but a few minutes later he wrote "you never answered my
question" so i wrote "Oh but i did, i said "oh but that is the truth!
but, to answer again, no dan, i dont have fantasise about your
oscar myer." and then he went on to ask if kristi does...and so
on. Kristi was poutty because We wouldnt let her see the
conversation, and i made a point that I never try to see what
they're writing to each other - and they're always writing to each
other. Anyway, not sure why i posted that, but i did, and now im
off to go continue to read "the hobbit" while I wait for my mom to
come pick me up. - 2:29 PM

My eyelids are burning. I hate it when this happens. I truly hope
Kristi CANT get into my diary; apparently shes tried but the link wont
take her here. Actully Im not actully comfortable with the idea of
offline people getting to know me through my journal...
I was leaving a building, and well you know how some buildings have
the doors, and then a second set, so teh cold air doesnt completly
come in? well, those two sets are very close in this building, and as
i was leaving, i steped through the set closest to me, and saw a man
stepping up to the next set, so i was abotu to hold the door open for
him and HE held the door open for ME. It was very odd...
Im very pleasetn, friendly, kind and polite. You can always count on
me to hold the door open for you unless you're holding it open for me!
- 9:12 PM

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