The Perils of Everything
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2003-03-03 08:27:45 (UTC)

Day 10

I'm tired and sad so I'm just listing down what I ate:

Breakfast: Tea w/honey and 7 blackberries
Lunch: Rice cake(35 cals) w/grapefruit juice(25 cals)
Snack: 1/4 piece of pita bread(30 cals) and grapefruit juice
(25 cals)
Dinner: A small salad with soy sauce dressing(5 cals) and a
teeny piece of bread(5 cals at the most) and a stupid pasta
shell with cheese stuff in it(probably 100-150 cals)
Luckily I only ate one.
Bedtime: Tea w/honey

Total: 225-275 cals

*Note: I don't even feel that hungry. I almost broke down
tonight when I was making my tea. Looking at all the food
in my refigerator made me so sad and hungry. So I just ran
out of there and now I'm writing this. Hopefully this
hunger craving will pass soon.

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