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my submissive life
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2003-03-03 06:54:04 (UTC)

My new boss

My new boss at work is a very dominant woman. Not long after she started, i learned that she had her own way of doing things. She would make me work late into the night until we were the only ones left in the office. It started with verbal repremands for sloppy work. Then one day she just told me to hold out my hands and then unexpectedly slapped my palms with a ruler. i was shocked. She looked at me and stated matter-of-factly that i will be "corrected" for all my mistakes as harshly as needed.

That was a couple months ago, now our professional relationship is a regular part of my life. At least twice a week i must remain late so she can correct me. Sometimes in the middle of the day, with a crowded building, she will call me into her office, tell me to close the door, and give me a quick lesson.

Sometimes the quick lesson is done with the office door open, and it includes a lectures, always given while i stand in the middle of her office, hands behind my back, and eyes lowered. Sometimes she has me stand like that for up to an hour. i often wonder what people think when the walk past her open door and see me.If she has me close the door, she will often have me stand in the corner (people can only hear through the walls, not see). If she is really angry she has me remove my pants or skirt while standing in the corner, just to add to my embarassment and fear that someone will walk in. She usually will not risk caning me while there are other people around, but she may pinch my skin (tits, nipples, ass, arm, thigh, etc) very hard to emphasize a point or two.

The late night sessions are much more physical. They might start easy, with my kneeling in front of her with my hands held up in front of me while she smacks my palms with a ruler for all the typos i made. Don't get me wrong, my palms end up red and throbbing before she's done and i feel totally humiliated. Next is usually a caning. She has me remove my pants or skirt and panties, but i leave on my blouse and shoes so that i can feel the awkwardness of my exposed ass and cunt. i then bend over her desk or chair or just grab my ankles and await the lashing. She is an expert with the cane. She focuses on my ass and sometimes thighs. The whipping is slow and methodical. She lectures me as she whips me and often has me count the strokes. Sometimes she only gives me a few strokes, other times i end up crying freely before she is satisfied.

One day she was really pissed at me for not getting my work done and being lazy. She had me strip totally naked. She took two large clips and attached them to my pussy lips, tied a chain to them which connected down to my shoes. She shortened the chain so i had to squat very low to keep from stretching my lips. Then she took anohter clip, attached it to my right nipple, took that chain and tossed it over the rafter above me, pulled it down and connected it to a clamp on my left nipple. It was pulled tight enough that if i tried to lower myself to a seated position, i would pull my tits off. i had no choice but to squat perfectly still without raising or lowering myself. After a few short minutes my legs began to ache badly. (My hands were tied behind me so i could not escape.) Soon i was crying from the ache in my legs. i kept trying to stand or sit but it pulled too hard on my pussy lips or nipples. i have no idea how long she kept me in this torture, but i was begging for mercy and swearing to be a better assistant from then on before she released me.

It isn't about sex at all, it's just about dominance - her's over me. She took a permanent marker and labelled my ass "Office Property." It will take weeks to fade. She just enjoys telling me what to do and knowing that i will do it, no matter how degrading or painful. i really don't have a choice, i need my job.

She puts me on my hands and knees, has me crawl to her, and worship her high-heeled shoes with my tongue. She makes me get to work two hours early so she can start the day with a quick, premptive caning. She has me fetch her coffee and kneel beside her desk as i present it to her. She likes giving me orders - like not being allowed to shower for a couple days at a time - just to keep me uncomfortable and under her control. She disallows me to eat lunch or tells me what i can and cannot eat while at work. i have to go into her office and ask permission before i am allowed to use the bathroom.

She once kept me late at night and tied me up - or down rather, to her chair. i was completely naked except for the words "office property" written in red lipstick on my forehead. As i sat in her chair my legs were spread wide apart and tied to opposite corners of her desk. My waist was tied to her chair and my arms tied behind it. She used my panties and stockings to fashion a gag for me. With that done, she grabbed her purse and headed for the door! i couldn't believe it, she was actually going to leave me like that all night. She promised to get there early the next morning and hoped that the janitorial staff wouldn't disturb me. When she got there the next morning she finally untied me, but i had to wear the same clothes as yesterday and didn't know how to explain it.

Another time she had me come to work on a Sunday so that she could spend the entire day punishing me after i screwed up a very important project. i got more than just a caning that day. She gave me a special workplace, my own desk in her office - complete with a special chair. It was bare wooden chair with no armrests but with one addition, a long metal rod was sticking up from the center of it, the only way to sit was to impale my ass on it. She had me sit on it most painfully and get to work on my computer. She stood over me and watched for typos or other errors - everytime she saw me make a mistake she flicked a switch on the back of chair that sent an electric shock through the rod and into my ass. She said i had to learn to be more careful. This made me nervous which caused me to make even more mistakes and get more shocks. i was soon sweating and begging for forgiveness.

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