In my head
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2003-03-03 06:04:42 (UTC)

The dreaded weekend

this weekend was the worse. i want to break down and cry
but i know that i can't do that i must be strong and not
let it bring me down. what happen exactly??? exactly this.
Friday night i was chilling with my friend aylssa at my
house i had to get away from my house. but if i knew what
would have happened later that night i would've never left.
so i with aylssa to spend the night at her house. it was
her mom's b-day the day before and i went to her family's
house to celebrate on friday night. well her boyfriend
wanted to she her too that night. so after the dinner we
went to go pick him up well brian had a friend over so we
had him there with us too. by the time we get back at
aylssa's house it was about 8 we walk to our friend's house
Alex and we found out that it was his b-day on sat. soo
we're all chilling at his house. Alex and i are close
buddies. he has a crush on me but i don't let it bother me.
aylssa and brian are chilling on his bed then i come up and
we are sitting on his bed talking and joking. the the next
thing i know nick(brian's friend) comes and sits behind me.
i am thinking ok well its the first time i meet him and he
isn't intimidated by me cool. then he puts his arms around
me and now i am thinking maybe he thinks i am an easy girl
so then i start talking about how my brother does all this
cool stuff for me and if anything happened to me he would
beat the shit out of anyone that would hurt me. hoping this
would discourage him a little bit. well it didn't. so i
think well i'll just get up and chill by alex. i do adn he
follows me. HELLO!!!!! earth to space cadet ummmm i just
met you tonight and you're treating me like we're going
out. NO!!!!!!!!!!! i am a free girl and plan to keep it
that way until i think i have found someone that i really
can connect with. and you're not that person. well we had
to leave alex's house at 11 so we leave adn go back to
aylssa's. we're all chilling in her living room watching TV
aylssa and brian cuddling and mussy couple stuff that i
hate to watch/hear but its sooo cute when its me. well i
don't know what was going through nicks head but he pulls
me down with him. and this guy is strong so when i try to
pull away he pulls me back. so then i think ok i'll go
along until he is off gaurd then i'll sit up. well then
he's all stroking me and shit and i am thinking WHY
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then he tries to go up my shirt so i put
my arm there to block it then he tries to go down it so i
put my other arm there. well me being me i will randomly
zone out with out no notice. while i am zoning nick whips
his dick out and how i know this he takes my hand and puts
it on his dick. WOW oh shit what the hell is he thinking.
THen my mind goes blank. What do i do. the only thing i can
think of is take my hand away everytime he tries to put it
back on. aylssa and brian finially stop making out and they
look at us. thank god we had a blanket over us because then
they would be a little confuzzed. soo the first thing i can
think of is start drawing attention to me and try and hint
that i don't like whats happening to me. hopefully they get
the hint. nope they don't. since i was drawing attention to
myself he decided that he should put his dick away. as soo
as that happened i sat up sooooooo fast that i fell off the
couch. then i go over to aylssa and start talking to her.
brian gets a call and his sister tells him that she will be
there in five minutes and to get ready to leave. THANK
GOD!!!! so i sit there and continue to talk to aylssa and
stay away from him. WEll they leave and aylssa turns to me
and is like what was that all aobut and i tell her what
happened and she is all like i know how you feel that
happened to me. then she tells me what happened to her. so
then i am like wait he is a guy and they like to brag about
this kinda stuff so i call brian adn ask him if he siad
anything thing and he siad no and i told him what happened
and he was pissed. the next day i told my mom, brother,
sister, and my two best friends. but not my dad if he found
out he would never let me see aylssa or brian again. i
would have no problem not seeing nich again. but that is
what happened and i am pissed and so is my brother and his
best friends who considers me like their sister. they all
want to kick his ass and make sure he doesn't do that to
another girl again. but i told them that they can't clinton
(my bro) has already been in jail once and if he does that
he'll be put back there again. but if i see that son of a
bitch again he'll be soooo sorry. maybe my brother can't
beat him up. but i can i am still an adolestence adn same
with nick adn if i see him again he'll be sorry
peace out